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The official business voice of Dartmouth and district representing: Retail, Hospitality, Banking, Real Estate, Legal, Building & construction, Travel industry, Tourism, Catering, Food, IT, Manufacturing, Services, Beauty and Culture.

  Working with the Harbour Authority on Cruise Ships Summer 2018
  Worked with SHDC to re-plant Palm trees on the Embankment Spring 2018
  Ran 3 successful Networking Meetings in 2017
  Working with South Hams over Mayors Avenue car park 2017
  Working with Dartmouth Town Council on the new Visitors Centre 2017
  The only Dartmouth organisation to publish the new parking order 2016
  Working with Dartmouth Town Council on the Neighbourhood Plan 2016
  Consulted over the future of the Tourist Information Centre 2016
  Consulted by South Hams District Council over the Supermarkets
  Consulted by Dartmouth Town Council over 'The Future of Dartmouth'
  Part of the Town Parking group
  Consulted by Devon County Council about parking
  Founders of 'Candlelit Dartmouth' Christmas fun and late night opening
  Appointment & part ownership of the Town Crier
  Meetings and a great time afterwards for 'networking'
  Provided initial seedcorn funding for the Music Festival
  Provided initial seedcorn funding for the Food Festival

NEWS:  Dave Cawley reports : The Chamber's EGM held on 11th July was called for two main purposes, 1) a resolution to close the Limited Company but keep the Chamber running and 2) to elect new officers.

It was noted that all 3 directors had previously resigned from the limited company on January 24th as debts going back to the BID kept coming out of  the woodwork.  However they retained their positions as officers of the Chamber.

The proposal to disband the limited company was heavily criticised by two members who were also ex-directors of the BID.  This caused the  proposal to fail unexpectedly and made any positions as officers untenable.

The election of officers started with the resignation of all current officers (not to be confused with directors).  No one stood for any of the officer positions and although a member of the audience offered to help with a new committee, this was not seconded.

It should be noted though that the Chamber was not and has not since been closed.  The Chamber still exists but is currently without any officers; it will continue to exist without any time limits.

Captain Mark Cooper, Dartmouth Harbourmaster, explained that Cruise Ships do not really earn the Harbour Authority much money after overheads.  Members present were in favour of Cruse Ship visits and Rob Lyon Mayor of Dartmouth spoke passionately that they were a boon to local business and to tourism generally.

The meeting finished after 45 minutes.

Dave Cawley ex-chairman met with the Mayor later in the same week and it was decided that if nothing else happened, after Companies House compulsorily closed the limited company by default as it had no directors, the Chamber would continue then debt free and hold another EGM. 

Informal discussions suggested that Chamber of Trade would work closely with the Town Council and replicate the days 15 years ago where the TIC, Chamber, BRNC, Town Council, Harbour Authority, River Boats and additionally Mayflower 400 would all  meet and work together 

I sincerely hope that all Dartmouth Businesses will sign up to this new initiative and fully back the plan.

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About the Chamber:  The Chamber itself was founded in 1939, and has been run since that time by local businesses and their representatives. The Chamber seeks to provide a modern way for all businesses in the town to engage both with each other, and the most pressing issues of the time. The Chamber is a meeting place for sharing business expertise and contacts, and will promote these principles with a series of networking events.   The Dartmouth Chamber of Trade is a statutory body recognised by Dartmouth Town Council, South Hams District Council, Devon County Council, our MP Dr Sarah Wollaston, The British Chambers of Commerce and many others.

Our mandate: 
Help all local businesses, to be more successful.
Provide networking opportunities for Dartmouth and district businesses.
Provide a channel through which the Chamber can act as the voice of Dartmouth businesses.
Help drive up employment opportunity for local people.
Provide help and consulting for any member company or non-member who requests assistance.

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Contact us, if you have a question, a story to tell, or just want help or information click here or email to chairman@dartmouthchamberoftrade.co.uk

Dartmouth and District Chamber of Trade and Businesses Ltd   Company number 01910477
The Guildhall,  Victoria Road,  Dartmouth,  Devon,  TQ6 9RY             
 03 August 2018